Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Thank you for using our services, which are comprised of the Author application for Apple OSX and Author Cloud publishing service. Please read carefully all the terms of use of our services and, in case of any questions or doubts, please contact us via email at terms@authorapp.co.

All products and services (Author application and Author Cloud Services, hereinafter referred to as “Author Services”) have been created and are owned and operated by the company United Flags s.r.o. You agree to act in accordance with this agreement and to comply with its provisions and you accept, without limitation, our conditions contained in the Privacy Policy. This agreement governs and affects your statutory rights and obligations.

If you do not agree with, or accept, these terms and conditions, please do not use our application, log in, publish nor use our Author Services.

This agreement enters into force on April 5, 2015.

Use of Author Services

1. Eligibility

Persons under the age of 13 may not use Author Services. If you are under 13 years of age, please stop using our services immediately.

2. Registration

The Author application does not require any registration or login; your user email is needed only for registering for the Author Cloud service. We reserve the right to suspend the use of your account on any grounds. You are responsible for the storage, safety and security of login data that you use to access the Author Services and you are solely responsible for all acts or actions carried out after entering your login data to access the Author Services. You agree that Author is not nor will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by said acts or actions

3. License

Pursuant to the terms of this agreement, we grant you a worldwide, unconditional, nontransferable, and revocable license, the exclusive content of which is to enable you the use of the Author Services.

4. Acceptation of terms of use

The Author Services are to be used for creating, administering and sharing content which has value and importance for you as the user of the services. By accepting these terms, you undertake not to use these services for any illegal purposes, for disseminating illegal ideas and material or for any other activity prohibited by these terms.

5. Responsibility for content

You have the sole responsibility for any data, texts, pictures, information, graphics, opinions, videos and video clips, or embed codes (hereinafter collectively referred to as “content”) that you create or publish with the Author Services and that you will further share. You are fully responsible for your content and for any damage caused by your content. You agree that the Author Services do not assume any responsibility for your content and they will not affect, modify, review or approve it in any way whatsoever.

You may not write and publish any content that is sexually unacceptable, pornographic, hateful or violent, discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, intrusive upon the privacy of any party, that does not respect human rights, that infringes advertising rights or copyrights, that causes nuisance to other people or humiliates them, that is threatening or inappropriate in any other way.

You may not write and publish content that harms or affects the healthy development of minors and that incites attacks against minors, or content that is not suitable for them.

You may not write and publish content to which you have no rights of use or by which you infringe any third party’s advertising rights or intellectual property, their right to privacy, any public rights, trademarks and patents or other personal and ownership rights. You agree and are willing to respect copyrights, business secrets and any and all rights of others.

6. Published content and its external impact

You are fully responsible for any activity carried out by you through your user account. You agree not to transfer, sell, license, or assign in any other way any rights or entitlements relating to your account or your user name (email) or any other user rights.

You may not, with your content in any way, threaten, swear at, slur, cause nuisance to or intimidate any natural or legal person.

You may not carry out any activity through the Author Services that could threaten, endanger, or damage or result in physical or mental injury or illness, emotional distress or upset, death, disability or disfigurement to you or others, or cruelty or violence towards animals. You may not create any risk of loss or damage to property or of damage to another person.

You may not acquire and, in particular, publish any confidential, private or personal information and data about any third party, any data or information used for communication with the public administration in any state in the world, such as social security numbers, birth certificate numbers, ID cards numbers, payment cards numbers or any contact information not in the public domain.

You may not create or publish any form of advertising, commercial, promotional or other potentially annoying notifications or spam nor chain letters or any other form of malicious content.

You may not use unauthorized tools to allow or provide unauthorized access to the Author Services, different scripts, robots, data mining tools or any other tools for downloading or recording, or tools for collecting data and content created through the Author Services.

You may not use the Author Services for any illegal or unauthorized purposes or for encouraging illegal activities.

You are solely responsible for all relationships and interactions with other users of the Author Services both online and offline. You agree that the Author Services are not responsible, and in no case provide any guarantee for any acts of its users. We reserve the right to monitor conflicts between you and other users of the service and readers of your content. This reservation of rights does not, however, impose any obligation on us to monitor any conflicts or to settle them.

You may not, in any way, encourage other users of our services to breach provisions of these Terms or of our Privacy Policy. You may not attempt to restrict other users from using our services.

You agree not to submit, post, or share content that violates any terms of this agreement or any of the definitions set out in our Privacy Policy.

7. Respecting integrity of Author Services

You agree not to examine, attack, nor test the vulnerability of any system, network, security or verification measures of all the Author Services and systems.

You agree that in case you try to obviate, eliminate, deactivate, disrupt or decode our rules or you circumvent these rules in any other way, we may restrict or prevent your access to the Author Services and content.

You agree not to attempt to undertake reverse engineering, decryption, decompilation or dismantling of any program, service or part of a code used within the Author Services.

8. Restriction, suspension or cancellation of account or termination of Author Services

We may permanently or temporarily cancel, suspend or restrict your account with the Author Services. This could be done at any time, for no reason or with no reason given, and without prior warning. We may do so on the basis of our sole discretion, provided you violate the provisions and the essence of this agreement, our policies, or if there is a threat of possible legal consequences or effects to the Author Services. After your account has been cancelled or deleted, we may store information concerning your account and your content for a reasonable period for backup and archiving purposes or for audit purposes. We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate the Author Services without warning and without giving rise to any obligation towards you. If you wish to terminate this agreement, you will simply stop using Author Services.

9. Changes of services and functionality

Design, user interface, work flow and functionality of the Author Services may be changed frequently, possibly without prior written warning. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, anytime and without prior warning, to restrict your access or to deny you the access to some or all of the Author Services. We are not responsible for any changes to the functionality of the Author Services in part or as a whole or for their possible suspension, interruption or termination. We are not responsible for the availability of any service, function, database or content.

The Author Services have been designed for non-stop operation and they are operated non-stop. While we seek to ensure that our services are available on a continuous basis, it is possible that the provision of a service will be interrupted due to maintenance or upgrade, to emergency repairs or failures of technology, data paths, links, services or equipment.

10. Content

We have no, nor will we accept any responsibility for any content published through the Author Services or shared, by you, on any other platform or by any other user of the service or any third person. We have no obligation whatsoever to monitor, review, modify or remove any published content. You understand that we may not guarantee the relevance, accuracy, quality or appropriateness of content or review content that is misleading as regards its substance or viewpoint or that is problematic in any other way.

11. Copyrights and content ownership

We do not want, claim or appropriate any rights or benefits from the content and data you create, post, publish or share through our Author Services. You reserve all rights to, and you are solely responsible for, this content.

By agreeing with these terms you grant us an unconditional, transferable, fully compensated and worldwide license (with a right to sublicense) to reproduce, save, use, share, modify, adapt, disseminate, show and display, distribute, translate and create works derived from your content or its part created or published through the Author Services. This license will exist throughout a period during which your content is published or posted on the Author Services and will be terminated in the event of removal of your content from the Author Services.

The license you grant includes a right to fully or partially use your content created and related descriptive and accompanying information (metadata, tags, profile photos, user names) for promotional purposes, for distribution and redistribution to third parties, websites or applications.

You confirm that you possess or have obtained all rights to the content published by you through the Author Services. You agree to pay all license fees or any payment obligations or related fees arising from, and which are related to, your content which you create, share, or publish through the Author Services.

12. Damage to and loss of content

You understand that the Author Services are not primarily intended for redundant storage and backup of your content published. You are solely responsible, at your expense, for keeping a backup copy and corresponding source files, and you also understand that damage or changes to the data are common on the internet due to safety imperfections, which, at this time, are impossible to anticipate and predict, and for which we will not be held responsible even in case of loss of content.

13. Removal or deletion of content

After you have personally removed or deleted your content from the Author Cloud Services, we reserve the right to keep this content internally for archiving and storage, or audit purposes. You understand and agree that references, links, any caching or copies of the content may not be removed immediately.

14. Bug Report, Inspiration and Feedback

We would be grateful for any report, comment, inspiration, suggestion or feedback about our services and these Terms of Service. If you contact us for any of those reasons, you agree that we can freely dispose of your opinion, content or any information for any purpose without any responsibility or need for compensation or performance towards you. If you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us atterms@authorapp.co.

15. Copyrights

The Author application and Author Cloud Services respect all copyrights of third parties and persons.

All our terms are governed by the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) [http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf ] from 1998 and the Directive 2000/31/EC on electronic commerce [http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:32000L0031].

We have created a mechanism for assessing infringements of copyrights as a result of content published through our services and for subsequent addressing legal and other consequences.

We do not guarantee you any success or preferential treatment when dealing with your copyright infringement notice. However, we review every case individually and every account holder within our service has a right to receive a response.

On the basis of a notice, we may temporarily suspend or remove the respective content, provided it is necessary and convenient. In case of a repeated copyright infringement, we will repeatedly request that the user remedy the existing situation and, in more serious cases, we may permanently suspend and even cancel the user account.

Warning: Before submitting a notice of any copyright infringement, you should, in your own interest, check the respective circumstances and consult your lawyer, as in case of a purported, illegal, or false accusation or testimony you may be held responsible for any damage, including legal costs and fees incurred by us or by our users.

Please send any copyright infringement notice by email to the address: copyright@authorapp.co, or by post to the address:

Author Copyright Agent
United Flags s.r.o.
Pri Suchom Mlyne 59
811 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
European Union

The copyright infringement notice must contain the following information:

  • the contact details of the copyright owner or its representative including its name, address or email;
  • the signature of the copyright owner or its representative, its scan or its electronic signature;
  • the clear and full identification of the work, its description or reference to the original work, rights to which have been infringed;
  • a clear identification of the content or material that infringes the copyright, for example its URL address on our website or within the Author Cloud Service;
  • a declaration that the information in the notice is true, relevant and correct and that you are authorized to act in the name of the copyright owner.

16. Services, web pages, links and references of third parties

The content published by users of our Author services may include references or links to services or internet websites of third parties that we do not own nor administer or that are not subject to our control. We do not bear or assume any responsibility for any content, material, code or any service resulting from accessing the website or services of third parties.

17. Granting or waiver of warranty

The Author Service is a service provided “As Is” and “As Available” and you use all services provided by us at your own risk.

We do not provide any warranties for our services, we do not guarantee you that our services will satisfy your ideas, demands or anticipations. Also, we do not guarantee that the provision of our services will be without interruptions, defects or restrictions. You agree, without reservation, that we do not bear any responsibility or give any guarantee for any direct and consequential damage, loss of profits, loss of trust or any intangible losses or other damage you might suffer as the result of any interruptions, defects or restrictions.

18. Jurisdiction and possible disputes

If you conclude that that you are in dispute with the Author Services, you agree that you will attempt to settle the dispute with us informally and contact us before you start thinking about bringing a lawsuit.

This agreement, access to the services and their use is governed, in all respects, by the law of the European Union and laws of the Slovak Republic as its Member State, to the exclusion of any other law which might apply.

The Author Services are not intended for the use by persons or institutions in a state or a country in which the use of such a type of services would be in breach of a regulation or law. Please do not use our services in these countries even if they are available.

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