Why Your Advertising Sucks

Why Your Advertising Sucks and What You Can Do About It

The Truth Advertiser Begins

It was eight years ago, during my studies. I was taking a bus from my campus to the faculty, and what I saw from the window bothered me. There were so many billboards everywhere, ruining my view… And none of them, not even single one of them was good. All fake, repulsive, dull, pure rubbish.

Advertising is everywhere. I realized it shapes so much around me, that it becomes my everyday “reality”. Everybody who is living in the market economy needs it. You need to promote yourself, your ideas, your stuff, etc. And yet, most of the advertising stealing our attention suck.

I wanted to make this right.

My advertising crusade began. I wanted to master every form of the advertising. In doing so, I worked in marketing for many small business owners, NGOs and also big brands. Absolut Vodka, PwC, adidas, SAB Miller or Swiss Re to name a few.

Years later another realization came. There is an overload of shitty ads in every usual form of advertising. So even if you create a superb one, the effect will be mild at best. The unusual forms work, but the time till a new form gets filled with crap and loses its impact is getting shorter.

Are they for real?

It looks like the only approach working in the long term is using advertising to build authentic brand advocacy. Advertising can be good, for the right cause.

In the articles to come, I will depict my latest findings and experiences, trying to do it right. The problems I will be struggling with on the way will be a great thing for me to document and for you to learn from. We can progress together.

My plan is to base my efforts on these five simple tenets.

1. stop contributing to advertising pollution

Start using clean marketing. No bullcrap, no polluting, no intruding, no attention-stealing. I’m talking about shitty outdoor, TV ads, radio ads, magazine ads, online pop-ups, etc. All that traditional advertising crap that people skip over. To hell with that.

2. start goodvertising

Reduce marketing use to promote good causes. Be authentic. Are you helping to solve an environmental problem? A social issue? Or just making some people’s lives easier or better? If people can relate to your cause, they can be passionate about it.

3. provide value

If your product is truly useful, each of its users could be your evangelist as soon as he encounters the value. People like to be useful, so give them something useful and they will recommend it. The word-of-mouth is now working more than ever. With so much “salesmen” out there, people trust only people they know.

4. authenticity is the king

To ignite the word-of-mouth make it as easy as possible for your users to become your evangelists. You should provide them with authentic quality content which is easy to share. It should be a true social currency with value for FREE, as a teaser of your offer.

5. use barter

Promote only the stuff you use, so you can be certain it’s useful. It makes sense to be open to barter the stuff/services I use for my advertising services. Who could be possibly better to promote you than your users? Barter, wherever it’s possible, will save you money too.

It’s dynamic times for advertising nowadays. Join me in my pursuit to make advertising better. Otherwise, people have no choice, they will ignore you. There is just too much of the advertising.

Times Square with adblock enabled (from http://imgur.com/gallery/A3HI0Xm)

I started with my MIND, now I am using the WORDS, and I am about to turn them to ACTIONS. Trying to be true and authentic the whole time.

My latest project is Author app, which I used to write this article. As a Chief Evangelist Officer, I’m going to share my findings with you in articles to come.

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