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Dusan Tatransky

Slovakia-based brand specialist, online marketer and freelance enthusiast, who is going to james the bond out of your online impression.

Ever since I was a child I loved stories. Everything can be told better as a story. My professional story started back in 2008 when I realized I am surrounded by junk advertising everywhere I go. I knew I could do it better. So I set out to be a marketing guy, to help companies communicate their brand well.

I did my master in marketing management and I have been working in advertising for over 10 years now. My client experience includes working for brands such as Absolut Vodka, adidas, Heineken, PwC, Swiss RE, SAB Miller, Accenture and Siemens among many others. I have done my best not to contribute to the ad smog we live in.

Nowadays, as social media evolved, everybody is pulled to "advertise" themselves online. And what do I see? Once again I am surrounded by junk content, but this time from my friends and network. Every day I witness people presenting themselves by social media as being fake, dull and insecure while bragging or spamming. And once again, there is a better way.

I know how hard it is to be a freelancer, but I also know

the freedom is worth it.

So now, I am on this mission to empower people with a purpose, to get more out of their online ecosystem. I help artists, celebrities, influencers, and freelancers to develop their Personal Brand, to have a Digital Strategy and to tell Their Stories remarkably.

Areas of Expertise

  • Online marketing
  • Brand management
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Copywriting & storytelling
  • Personal branding
  • Ideamaking
  • Project management
  • Event management


2006 – 2011
Comenius University - Faculty of Management, Bratislava

  • master in - marketing management
  • diploma thesis - business plan
  • Erasmus study - Portugal
*Drawing credits go to my classmate Kristina Durcova from FMUK.


Online Marketing Intern, Barcelona
1 Global Translators, 2011

Working with an international team on SEO and social media marketing.

Marketing Manager, Kosice
Adsulting, 2011-2012

Developing skills in social media, copywriting and sometimes posing as a foot model.

Copywriter & Ideamaker, Bratislava
Zaraguza Digital, 2013

Winning the Dream Job competition and learning as a protege of my advertising role model Michal Pastier. 

Senior Account Manager, Bratislava
a3boot, 2014-2016

Perfecting the skill in being all in one advertising mad man. Being account, ideamaker, copywriter, strategist, production manager, social media manager, event manager and many other competencies at the same time.

Online Marketing Specialist, Bratislava

Author, 2016-2017

Experimenting with different kinds of online tactics to generate higher traffic to the product page on App store. Using side project, email marketing, social media, etc., while securing the brand consistency. Check out this example HERE.

Head Of Marketing, Utrecht

2DAYSMOOD, 2017-2018

Working on the brand assets development and the global launch of 2DAYSMOOD app & services. In charge of the marketing team, marketing strategy, and execution.

Branding & Online Marketing, Kosice

WTF Factory, 2011-2020

Enjoying being the punk advertiser, helping SMBs and NGOs with tight marketing budgets to create buzz. For example, with a budget of 20 euro, we created an online countdown page for the president's mandate, which generated over 25.000 visits in one week with a massive free media coverage. 

Selected WTF Clients


  • 2016 Zlaty Klinec Shortlist Category Events, winner of subcategory B2C

See the full Case Study HERE


Social media (2008-2020)

In the dawn of the Facebook in Slovakia (2008) I used gifts platform to create a silly (picture + funny copy) app with 10.500 unique users from all around the world. I love to experiment with social and content.

Nonstock Photography (2014-2017)

My very own start-up :) I needed an alternative to stock photo banks, to "get real" and save time. I run an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. After launching it I lost the momentum for creating recognition. But the service is fully functional and I still use it on http://nonstock.photography.

TEDx Kosice (2013, 2014)

As a co-organizer I was handling the marketing part of the event, promoting the local ideas worth sharing. I got inspired by many TEDx videos so I was happy to make my own contribution. 

Anderground (2011-2017)

I love humor and story telling. Mixed with funky concerts I have created a unique stand-up comedy platform for local humor to light up - domestic amateurs and professional expats in the most underground club in the city make the bomb combination, where you expect the unexpected. 

Start-up and entrepreneur conferences

I am not so much into networking as I am into hearing new ideas and stories of the fellow entrepreneurs, in addition to experimenting with the new tech.

Growth hacking

The more I know, the less I feel like I know much. I read a lot and then make rapid experimenting on how to do things better and simpler. Sometimes I even share my findings.

It is nice to meet me

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Skype: dusan.tatransky

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