Case Study of Absolut Electrik Night

Case Study of
Absolut Electrik Night

Client Brief

Absolut brings new limited edition of their product – Absolut Electrik

  • present the uniqueness of the new product
  • engage target group with the product live to make the experience memorable
  • generate content for online with the potential to create buzz about the product
Product photography from the global campaign

Campaign Insight

Product Insight – this product does not differ from standard Absolut Vodka, the uniqueness lies in the bottle design.

Consumer Insight – consumers from the target group are fed up with ordinary parties and will gladly wellcome an unique event, from which they can obtain original content.

Creative Idea

Create a party with electrifying atmosphere
complementary to the new bottle design 

  • Focus on the bottle
  • Organize launch event
  • Pass on the feeling from the product to the visitors - metalic, electrik, tech

Turn Tonight Electrik ⚡️

Creative Solution

Introduce the bottle by promoting its uniqueness offline and online, with electrik features and technological gadgets throughtout the whole event.

The visitors will see, hear and feel the electricity from the bottle

Our atmospheric product photography created for teasing campaign 
Shooting of product photography and Light Painting photography development

Event Invitation


For the event invitation we used an atypical projection of visuals projected from a moving car to buildings around the city center. We postproduced the material for an online video. 

Guerilla projection from the car, VJ performance

Video Invitations

We produced engaging video profiles of the new Absolut ambassadors, who participated in the event realization. We spread the videos on the social networks before the event.

Peter participated in execution of selected photographic activities and special Light Painting photoshoot
Milan and Clementina participated in designing and production of the Absolut Electrik collection

Campaign Visuals

Branding on the Event

We achieved the brand visibility with creative decorations, banners and branded activities.

Branding selection from the event

Product Launch Event

The new limited edition Absolut Electrik was launched with the main Launch Event, followed by the execution of two smaller spin-off events. Geographically we covered the target group throughout the whole Slovakia – Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Kosice.

B-Complex – the headliner during the performance on the launch event

Electrik program

  • mirror man performance with the new bottle 
  • lightning show
  • famous DJs playing electronic music and techno
  • DJ fusions with electric violinist and electric boogie dancer
  • DJ battle of different electronic genres

Electrik attractions

  • Absolut Electrik Stage
  • Absolut Energy Freeze
  • Absolut Electrik Photowall 
  • Light Painting

Electrik decor

  • plasmatic bottles 
  • robotic helmets 
  • LED costumes for hostesses 

Lightning show

What could be more electric than electric discharges and lightning? The question is the answer in itself. Therefore we created a realistic lightning show.

Lightning show testing
  • 2x tesla coil dressed in Electrik bottle spreading the discharges and lightning
  • DJ was dressed in special anti-lightning suit

Couragous atendees experienced the lightnings in Faraday's cage

Absolut Electrik Photo wall

We did not stay just with the cage, but we wanted to literally make the attendees hair stand on the end!

Visitors taking a picture in front of the Absolut Electrik Photowall with hair standing on the end

With connection to Absolut Electrik bottle, we changed the ordinary photo shooting to an experience with goose bumps

We used technology working on Van der Graaf generator principle

Absolut Energy Freeze

To capture the high energy moments really originally, our R&D team developed a first in the world, real-time bullet time photo shooting using iPhones!

Bullet time photo shooting using 8 iPhones on a custom built rig

We captured the engaging moments of visitors and bottle filled with energy by Matrix-like shot, enhanced by the infinite background branding. The live pictures in gif format were uploaded automatically to our special Facebook page, from where the visitors shared the content in real-time.

Development team and gif pictures from Absolut Energy Freeze

Light Painting Shooting

Absolut is a brand that builds on artists and creativty so we created a special type of long exposure photo shoot with light painting. Executed by one of the most talented Slovak photographers Peter Kubalak. Peter is a big fan of Absolut brand and in the past he digitalized the Andy Warhol's collection.

Light Painting Photoshooting - light painting with photography upload (approx. 2 minutes per picture)

We designed a photo shooting together, which catches and in a heartbeat it outputs the creativity of our visitors. They could share the electrik moments online right at the spot.

Based on his passion for the brand and dedication, we made Peter a brand ambassador. We create exceptional content for Absolut ever since. 

Realtime photo-outcome without postproduction and image lightpainting with the product

Electrik Costumes

We wanted the electric and high-tech appeal to be everywhere, hostess and barman staff included. In cooperation with designer duo factory WTF, we created futuristic costumes with LED lighting and robotic look.

The combination of Milan & Clementina with Absolut was electric, so we established a long-term cooperation and we also made them Absolute brand ambassadors. 

Hostess dressed in special designer costume with LED underlight
Costume's design and finished costumes on models

Timeline of Event realization

  • Research&Development – Lightning show, Electrik photo wall, Energy freeze, Lightpainting, Costumes (August – September)
  • Beamvertising – Invitation, Offline guerilla + Online promo (October)
  • Product Launch – Event + Live streaming (October)
  • Amplification phase – Online propagation of the content, Buzz, Spinoff small events (November – December)


Short sum up of the development and event execution

Launch Event Outcome

Launch party for Absolut Electrik limited edition fullfiled its assignment

  • the visitors enjoyed an outstanding party with original attractions and program. We sold 800 tickets and electrized as much as 1050 people.
  • the bottle Absolut Electrik was presented as a unique and full of energy, while people drunk a record number of 2750 Absolut drinks.
  • content created on the event immortalized the electrik connection between visitors and the new bottle and also bridged offline fun with social networks, reached 112,800 views and is still spreading on the Internet
Absolut Mirrorman introducing the new bottle Absolut Electrik with exquisite dancing performance

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